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Still Alive… November 6, 2006

Filed under: General Life,Parenting — countryfan @ 2:29 am

Thanks to Elizabeth, I am here again. I have phases where I forget about this place 😦

It’s getting really cold here, I can’t turn up the heating anymore, and the apartment is still cold. I think that the heat is escaping through the minute cracks in the windows…bah 😦 i saw someone wearing Crocs the other day in the freezing cold…and they wern’t even wearing socks with them 😮 Are people crazy now? Does living in WI make you automatically crazy? It’s quite possible since a few of my friends seem to not have all their marbles in their heads :p

My friend Dave has started taking me, Nick and Abby out every Wed to this mall near me so Abby can play in the indoor play area they have there. With our apartment seeming to be getting smaller by the minute, Abby needs the space to run around. We usually go to Ponderosa or Old Country Buffet before hand, so she also needs to run off some of that food :p It also give me and Nick the chance to wander around the mall and buy whatever we need without Abby bugging us for stuff every two seconds. She’s a nightmare to take shopping, she’s always pulling at stuff..she broke a glass vase the last time we went…so that was the end of that :p

I’ve been making more food recently too, I made chicken pot pie that other day and shared half with the neighbour, and then tomorrow I’m going to be making gingebread cookies. I got some Jello Jigglers cutters free with the Jello I bought, and they’ll make excellent cutters for making smaller cookies for Abby…so I’ll use them for two purposes…you can never have too many cookie cutters 🙂

Yesterday, me and Abby were invited to a bridal shower. Abby upstaged the poor bride-to-be by being her usual cute, good self. Everyone complimented me on how well-behaved she was for her age (Abby’s 19 months now), and I felt very proud indeed. My friend forgave me though for the upstaging- she adores Abby and the little Miss could do no wrong in her eyes…if she only knew…:P


2 Responses to “Still Alive…”

  1. fpn Says:

    What about the new baby? Did you tell everyone yet? Do you know if it’s going to be another girl?

  2. michelle Says:

    Welcome back! You didnt post anything about the pregnancy!

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