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Convinced September 28, 2006

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I’m pretty convinced that I’m pregnant now. I’m about 12 days late on my monthly cycle, I’ve started breaking out in places that I don’t usually, I’m eating like a horse, my boobs are sore and I keep having weird cravings for cornbread. I ate it with cheese today. Weird. I’m still going to give it till next Tuesday and then I’ll tell Nick. I hated telling him last time, and this time I’m dreading it even more. But for some weird reason, I’m really excited about being pregnant again. I guess I just like the thought of something growing inside of me and buying cute little baby outfits again.

If I am pregnant, I’ll announce it to everyone at my birthday party on the 8th. I announced it at a party last time, and it always seems the best way. Well, I find it’s the best way :p


4 Responses to “Convinced”

  1. michelle Says:

    Congrats! How cool! And good luck with telling everyone! You should let Abbi do it for you! Get her a shirt that says I’m gonna be a big sister – and then have her go to the party and give everyone hugs! That would be so cute!

  2. Rhine Says:

    It’s cool that you are going to have a second baby and Miss Abby is going to be a big sister! Congrats! 😀 Good luck with telling everyone!

  3. fpn Says:

    You should probably tell your husband before you tell anyone else. It would just seem to be the right thing to do.

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    knock knock ….

    You’re missed!

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