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Hah. September 21, 2006

Filed under: General Life — countryfan @ 11:56 am

Well, I guess I must be one of the laziest people on the planet sometimes when it comes to blogging. But hey ho, I’m here now and while Abby’s eating her lunch- I’ll tell you what’s been happening recently 🙂

I’ve been having some of the most bizarre dreams. Most of them include me working in a kitchen (I guess I’m a chef) and I’m cooking something weird like caterpillar or octopus….yuck! Then the other ones involve me sewing and everytime I try to thread my needle, I miss and stab myself in the leg. That NEVER happens. I keep on going in the dream until I’ve got these holes in my leg and the blood’s just gushing out. Yikes!

Thanks to Jennie– I think I’m going to take up sewing again. I’ve found a couple of patterns online for small soft toys…so I think I’m going to try them out. I thinkI’ll probably go to Joann’s and buy some material and stuffing today and see how it goes. I should really be using a sewing machine- but I guess I’m going to be doing it by hand since I don’t have one at the moment. Maybe it’s something I could look into buying with the birthday money my parents are sending me 🙂


One Response to “Hah.”

  1. michelle Says:

    Are you dreaming of becoming an Iron Chef?!?! And the secret ingredient of the night is sea creature!

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