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Ho Hum… July 13, 2006

Filed under: General Life — countryfan @ 11:42 pm

There’s really not been a whole lot going on here over the last few days. We’ve discovered that we need to go to the local IRS office to sort out some of the 2005 tax papers (which will not be fun) and hopefully if they give us all of the money that we’re entitled to- we’ll be getting a new computer! Hurrah- iMac here I come 😀

I’ve also been passing the time by making art in Photoshop. It’s really not the best, but I’m a bit of practice (I’ve been constantly making the same stuff). So here’s two of the pieces I’ve recently made:

So yeah, that’s some of my recent work ^_^

Abby’s appetite seems to becoming back. For a short while, she was being picky and not eating her favourite foods. She still doesn’t want to eat them, but I’m getting her to eat other stuff I know she likes. Which is much cheaper than resorting to Pediasure 😛


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