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Testy Kids July 7, 2006

Filed under: General Life — countryfan @ 5:18 pm

Abby is being a pain in my arse this afternoon. She just sits there and cries half of the time. She took an hour nap and then woke up, so I gave her a cookie and a sippy cup of milk. She seemed alright for a while, but then she went back to her same routine of just sitting there and throwing a tantrum. So I changed her diaper and put her back to bed. Whether she’s going to go back to sleep or not is another matter…

The hubby is also being moody too. There’s a ‘For Sale’ sign on our duplex and we found out today that they’re trying to push us out of the upper. There’s barely anything on the lower half of out duplex on the information sheet but tons on ours. There’s not even any pictures on that half of the house. I tell you, if they think that they’re going to push a family with a young kid out so easily- they’ve not met me yet :p I love this place. It really feels like home. I don’t want to move because moving house sucks ass. And I don’t even want to contemplate packing up everything we have. We’ve just accumulated so much stuff since we moved here- it’s insane. And I love the block we live on, I actually know the neighbours (and I’ve never got to know my neighbours before). It royally sucks ass.

Also, my Hello Kitty collection has exploded as of recent times. I was just a collector of everyday stuff with her on beforehand- but then my friend was moving and she wanted to give me some of her collection that she didn’t want anymore. So now I have a lot of stuff. And I went out to Target yesterday and got some stuff to add to the collection. I saw some cute pillows that I want, but I’ve recently been scouring eBay so now I have to wait. This is what I’ve bought from eBay (I still need to pay for the school bus)

So yeah, no more Hello Kitty stuff for me now. Must save some money towards other stuff 😀


3 Responses to “Testy Kids”

  1. Michelle Says:

    Sounds like someone is in her “terrible twos” phase! It’s a very trying time, but you will make it through! And moving is a pain in ass! But, you had better be prepared to move, just in case they succeed in pushing you out!

  2. Belle Says:

    Your photoshopped stuff looks great! I have an OLD version of paint shop pro, and I’m not that great at it.

  3. Whoah with that Hello kitty collection, you remind me of my friend who’s also Hello Kitty…obsessed? Hehe

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