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Pirates and Beaches July 1, 2006

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We went to the beach today. Abby got to tryon her new swimsuit for the first time this year, she looked cute in it. Doesn’t like the lake much though. I don’t think it was the temperature, she just started crying when the waves were washing over her little feet. That’s another thing to add to my ‘things Abby is scared of’ list. Pah 😛

And good news! I have my purse back! Complete with passport, iPod, house keys, one dead cellphone (that I now have to return to the insurance company) and a wad of cash! That was a nice surprise…I had $15 in there! I’ve been thinking about all evening what I could spend that on….after going through so much stress recently with my parents stressing me out and then losing my purse…I deserve something very nice indeed. Of course, I can’t buy much with $15, I just fancy something like a nice photoframe or maybe a $15 iTunes card for some new toons. Hmm…..*puts on thinking cap*

Anyhoo, have to get t bed. Footie is on in the morning and we have to be at BBC for 10 am. I am going to have to kick my brother to get him out of bed 😛

And now comes the Pirates part. I cannot wait until POTC2. So I made a new wallpaper. Feel free to use it 😉


One Response to “Pirates and Beaches”

  1. michelle Says:

    Yeah to getting your purse back! We spent some time out at our lake this weekend too!

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