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A List July 1, 2006

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Saw this at Liz’s blog and decided to fill it out 😛

I live…in Wisconsin
I live…in a duplex and want to buy a house
I live…down the street from a grocery store, lots of bars and a bookstore

and I live…about 5-6 miles away from any decent store
I live…by a Walmart and I wish it was a Target

I live…in a place you can’t really get decent crab legs

I live…in an area where we have an abundance of cheese and beer

I live…by a lake

I live…in an area that reminds me sometimes of the seaside

I live…in a state that has more lakes than Minnesota (proven fact!)

I live…in a house without AC

I live…a sauna (well it feels like it)

I live…at the mall (where there’s always AC)

I live…at Old Navy where I am always buying t-shirts

I live…in an area with a lot of malls

I live…very far away from my family

I live…4000 miles away from my mum, dad and brother

I live…about 4050 from my best friend who I miss a lot

I live…with 2 cats, a husband and a 2 year old

I live…with the fact that I never take my little fuzzy babies to the vet

I live…the guilt everyday

I live…with the fact that me and my hubby drink a lot of beer

I live…with the fact that we drink about 30 cans of PBR in a week

I live…with the hope that one day I will have another child

I live…hoping that it will be another girl

I live…with the realisation that knowing my luck it will be a boy

I live…across town from my hubby’s family

I live…biting my nails and stressing over a lot of stuff

I live…as a Brit in the US


2 Responses to “A List”

  1. lizfrog Says:

    Hey, Nickie! Thanks for stopping by and also for doing this.

    How long have you been away from home?

  2. Liz Says:

    Sorry, that was my comment above. I didn’t realize you were on wordpress and we have an experimental blog on there that I was automatically signed in to. Thanks for stopping by! (you can ignore my wordpress link…it’s pretty lame!)

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