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A List July 1, 2006

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Saw this at Liz’s blog and decided to fill it out ๐Ÿ˜›

I live…in Wisconsin
I live…in a duplex and want to buy a house
I live…down the street from a grocery store, lots of bars and a bookstore

and I live…about 5-6 miles away from any decent store
I live…by a Walmart and I wish it was a Target

I live…in a place you can’t really get decent crab legs

I live…in an area where we have an abundance of cheese and beer

I live…by a lake

I live…in an area that reminds me sometimes of the seaside

I live…in a state that has more lakes than Minnesota (proven fact!)

I live…in a house without AC

I live…a sauna (well it feels like it)

I live…at the mall (where there’s always AC)

I live…at Old Navy where I am always buying t-shirts

I live…in an area with a lot of malls

I live…very far away from my family

I live…4000 miles away from my mum, dad and brother

I live…about 4050 from my best friend who I miss a lot

I live…with 2 cats, a husband and a 2 year old

I live…with the fact that I never take my little fuzzy babies to the vet

I live…the guilt everyday

I live…with the fact that me and my hubby drink a lot of beer

I live…with the fact that we drink about 30 cans of PBR in a week

I live…with the hope that one day I will have another child

I live…hoping that it will be another girl

I live…with the realisation that knowing my luck it will be a boy

I live…across town from my hubby’s family

I live…biting my nails and stressing over a lot of stuff

I live…as a Brit in the US


Pirates and Beaches

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We went to the beach today. Abby got to tryon her new swimsuit for the first time this year, she looked cute in it. Doesn’t like the lake much though. I don’t think it was the temperature, she just started crying when the waves were washing over her little feet. That’s another thing to add to my ‘things Abby is scared of’ list. Pah ๐Ÿ˜›

And good news! I have my purse back! Complete with passport, iPod, house keys, one dead cellphone (that I now have to return to the insurance company) and a wad of cash! That was a nice surprise…I had $15 in there! I’ve been thinking about all evening what I could spend that on….after going through so much stress recently with my parents stressing me out and then losing my purse…I deserve something very nice indeed. Of course, I can’t buy much with $15, I just fancy something like a nice photoframe or maybe a $15 iTunes card for some new toons. Hmm…..*puts on thinking cap*

Anyhoo, have to get t bed. Footie is on in the morning and we have to be at BBC for 10 am. I am going to have to kick my brother to get him out of bed ๐Ÿ˜›

And now comes the Pirates part. I cannot wait until POTC2. So I made a new wallpaper. Feel free to use it ๐Ÿ˜‰