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Argh… June 26, 2006

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My parents suck. Yes, I am aware that I just said that :p It’s days like this when I realise why I don’t live wit them anymore. They drive me CRAZY. For example:

Mum: Do you have any headache tablets?

Me: Yes (said in my usually snarky way)

Mum: Well, go get me some them

Me: I am trying to use the computer. They’re in the cupboard

Mum: Don’t be so lazy and go and get them me

Sigh. I seriously cannot do what I want when I want at the moment. Like last night. I was feeling pretty horny and unfortunately my brother was sleeping in the next room.

And now my mother is trying to read over my shoulder while I’m typing this entry. Argh. I feel like I’m 14 and I have no privacy again 😦