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I\’m just a country gal in a big city :)

Disaster! May 1, 2006

Filed under: General Life — countryfan @ 9:40 am

So me and J went out and bought all this food and…barely anyone showed up to out shindig last night 😦 Nicki and Brian, and the downstairs neighbour, Noah. What a crappy party. The kitchen floor is all covered in dirty wet footprints from last night, so I'm gonna clean that in a while. I was so thirsty from all the alcohol I drank last night (two double vodkas and lemonade, and three PBR's), I needed to get up and drink something (so it was a can of coke- sue me 😛 ). I also gave something to Abby for a drink and some Cheerios. I'm still kinda tired, so I'm gonna go back to bed for a couple of hours 😀


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