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Negatives and Positives April 9, 2006

Filed under: General Life — countryfan @ 1:02 am

I can’t believe on how much life sucks sometimes 😦 We’re going to be getting the internet cut off for a month because we got a utility bill through the mail yesterday and it’s about $1000. And we have to pay it by Monday. Suck worthy. So in the meantime, we’re giving up frivolous things. Since when has the internet been a luxury?! I guess that until we get the connection back at home, I’m going to be bribing people to let me use their computers so I can check email from my rabid fans…ha…I wish. But I know I have about five people online who will wonder where the heck I dissapeared to. So I’m telling you now so I don’t get lots of hysterical messages on my tagboard or in my email inbox.

Anyway, less about the negative and more about the positive. Abby’s birthday was a success. I pulled it off with about ten minutes to spare. I ran into the house, threw down my bags from the night before (I went to see Ran in Chicago) and ran into the bedroom to get changed. I managed to get all my clothes on and finish my make-up before the doorbell rang 😀 Talk about cutting it fine…lol. You can see the photos on my Flickr account, gotta love the mess babies make with frosting :p

And tomorrow, we’re going to be going to a free day at the Zoo. Yay! Abby gets to see the jeffries (giraffes) in the flesh. I call them jefferies because that’s what I used to call them as a kid. I guess old habits die hard :p It’s going to be a nice day too, about 55 degrees. Nice, sounds like t-shirt weather to me 😀


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