Country to the City

I\’m just a country gal in a big city :)

114056692944911960 February 21, 2006

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I’m currently waiting for Nick to get back from running errands so I can get off to work and go to Qdoba for dinner- I’ve fallen in love with their chicken nachos…mmmm 😀

Abby has got really talkative recently. She’s started saying things like “no”, “up”, “yup” and she accidently said a mild swear word…so now we’re having to watch our language around her :p

I really don’t have a lot to say at the moment. I’ll think about what to type up while I’m at work and after a beer or two, haha. Hey, every working mother needs some alcohol to relieve the stress :p And I don’t care what you preachy alcohol-free people out there say. It is not evil, it is not a drug and it is not addictive if you do it in moderation 😉

My brother on the other hand…well, I’ll save that for later.


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