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113995663025595923 February 14, 2006

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Abby’s napping, so I’ve got the chance to type something up before she wakes.

I was reading a book yesterday d it said how when kids are napping, you ought to do something for yourself. Hmmm, so what have I done? Dishes, laundry, putting away stuff. It is for me though. It drives me CRAZY if I don’t get it done. Nick likes to pile the dishes on the top of the fridge, and it just bugs me when I cannot find any plates for dinner…ha.

I learn’t last night at work that I only have another four weeks left at work. No, I’m not getting fired, I work at a bowling alley and I waitress for the leagues- and they all end in four weeks. And I doubt that I’m going to get re-hired for the fall. I’m 99.9% sure. I’m the best waitress they have ever had (I’m not just saying that, I have had the bowlers tell me this), but I’m not what management are looking for. Fucking bastard wants a big-titted, blonde, porn star with very little clothing waitressing. Yeah, like he’s gonna find someone like that who’ll work for $6 an hour..ha. Good luck with that smart ass.

I hate tax season. Every year we have problems, because of some small screw-up. Last year it was because I didn’t have a social security number yet, this year it’s because we need to file some kind of Homestead form which the landlord has to sign. Gah…stupid IRS 😦