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113963396569704867 February 10, 2006

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Just before I go and take a shower I think I’ll do a quick recap of what I’ve been upto recently 😉

Abby seems to be getting fussier and fussier recently. It’s like she started her ‘terrible twos’ a year early! She constantly demands to be picked up and held- even when I’m busy like trying to cook dinner or something. She hates being in her highchairr, she makes straining, grunting noises like she’s pooping or something. Haha. And she has no interest in sitting still. If I’m half way across the house and she’s sitting quietly, playing with a toy- she’ll decide that she doesn’t want to play anymore and comes to find me. And when she finds me, she grabs onto my pant/jean legs and hangs off them until I pick her up. And if I walk away, all hell breaks loose.

I think I’ve taken Tylenol twice today because she’s screamed so much 😦

I’m also considering on buying a guitar, so we’ll see how that goes. I maybe picking it up tomorrow if I like the look of it. If not, the cash will be going towards an external hard drive for this piece of shit computer, :p


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