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113939119386453236 February 8, 2006

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Gah. I am so frickin cold. I’ve discovered that when I am tired, I get cold. Surely you’d think I would go to bed, but I’m still stuck here in front of the computer…it’s like a drug I tell you :p

I went and had my hair cut today. Nothing major, just a tidy up and a trim…but I sure looked better by the time I got to work. At least my hair didn’t look like something greasy had crawled up onto my head and died, haha.

There was leftover Chinese in the fridge today (pork fried rice, sesame chicken, beef teriaki) and I ate everything but the beef when I came home from work this evening. Nick is probably going to kill me for eating his leftover pork fried rice, but I was just so exhausted when I finally got up the stairs to the apartment..I just wanted to eat, putz around on the computer for a while and then head off to bed. I got into watching Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party on and it was about 2am when that finished. And now, it’s 3.30am and I guess I should be heading off to bed. I have this HUGE stack of reading material by the bed (magazines, books, leaflets, ads from the Sunday newspaper) and I really need to purge the pile and throw away what I’ve already read and don’t want to keep. I am such a pack rat :p