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113925210897308411 February 6, 2006

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I am about to go and get dressed and head out of the door. I am determined to make myself feel better today by shopping.

It looks like I am not going on my vacation. I have waited an entire two weeks for a reply to my mass emails, phone calls, etc…and nothing…NOTHING. So the $65 I have saved is going into the cash register at Old Navy and I am going to buy myself something pretty. And then tonight, I am going to save all of my wages and these rest from this week and I am going to save up for my cowboy boots. No, not the cheap kind you see in the knock-off places like Target and Payless. I am going to get myself a real pair from a big boot shop near here called Boot Connection. They have a website and I’ve already seen a pair I’d like and they were $109. So I am going to save up abouy $150 (as the website says they have more in the store than what they show on the website) so I’ll go down there and get myself fitted for a proper authentic cowboy boots. If I can’t go down South, I’ll bring the South to me! ;)These are the ones I’ve been looking at:

I was watching a really cheesy movie the other night- ‘Urban Cowboy‘. It was very stereotypical. But it wasn’t really bad…just really cheesy. They all wore cowboy hats constantly and drank Bud and went to rodeo bars. Southern stereotypes. It’s like saying everyone up here drinks Miller, eats brats and cheese and owns a farm…pffft :p