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113842729507429379 January 27, 2006

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Some days I wish that I wasn’t married, I didn’t have a daughter and that I was still in my bed at my parents house with a cup of tea watching some movie out of my collection on my small portable TV.

I had an argument with Nick tonight. He thinks I don’t listen to what he says. I was playing Bloodrayne and I was trying to kill this nest of these spider-type creatures. I had to throw a grenade at the nest- but I threw it in the wrong direction and blew up the elevator instead…oops. So I just hit the power button and told Nick that I’d just do the level over again. He throws an almighty fit at me saying that he told me to save the game and now I’m all pissy because I lost. (You’d be pissy if you were getting your ass kicked by a spider-type demon…LOL).

After that, I broke the safety gate for the kitchen and panicked that Nick was going to yell at me for breaking it- a full on panic attack. So he comes up to me, telling me to calm down. Telling someone who is having a panic attack to calm down is like poking an angry dog with a stick- it just makes the problem five times worse.

So he stormed off to work without saying goodbye and slamming the door on the way out. Hopefully, he has a really crappy night at work and comes home in a better mood…please, I hope so. That’s my one thing I dislike about my hubby, he doesn’t understand my panic attacks. He thinks I’m just being dramatic. Pffftt…fuck him.

I am currently sitting here eating Chex Mix and drinking beer. Abby is asleep for the time being (which is nice), the cats aren’t bugging me, but I still have an ass-load of dishes to do. I am so angry though, I just feel like going back on Bloodrayne and kicking some spider butt. Ha!


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