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113822523499060444 January 25, 2006

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So I ate the pancakes. He tempted me with pancakes spiced up with vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg…and they were good. I broke a little bit of Nick’s plain pancakes off and gave it to Abby…dunno if we’re not supposed to give her pancakes to eat, but she as able to gum it and swallow it down. She wanted more afterwards, but we wern’t sure if she was supposed to be eating them in the first place…so we said no to her.

We also ended up have a loud conversation about cooking while he was making the pancakes. I told him he was a good cook and everyone should be jealous that I have a husband who is a good cook. And this is what followed:

N: “So I’m just a good cook, not a great one?”
M: “No, you’re a great cook, you’re like my dad. He’s a good cook even though he can just cook the basic stuff”
N: “So I’m a basic cook?”
M: “No, no, NO! Argh…why do I even bother…?”

Talking about pancakes, I saw the IHOP offer last night for all-you-can-eat pancakes. It was 1am. I was not about to make myself pancakes in the zombified state that I was in :p


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