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113822125408233631 January 25, 2006

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I feel shitty today. I am unbelieveably tired and my appetite is down the drain, I just don’t feel like eating. It’s crap. I honestly think that I am going to call in to work this evening and tell them I’m sick. I have to work with the ad agency tonight, and they are nice people and everything…but they’re just very impatient and get pissy at me if I don’t get their drinks to them quick enough. I just feel like I could get back into my pj’s get back into my nice cosy bed and go sleep for the rest of day. I havn’t felt this way since Abby was born. Nasty.

Nick’s trying to coax me into eating pancakes. Sure I love pancakes, but I’m just not hungry. And we ate pancakes for breakfast yesterday (yes I know it’s past breakfast time, but I’ve not had the chance to eat yet). I’m gonna give it a few minutes. Knowing my luck, I’ll smell the pancakes cooking, and I’ll want some, LOL.

I ordered a couple of new batteries from eBay for my new camera. I’m keeing an eye on the tracking, so hopefully they should be here in the next couple of days. Then I can go downtown and finally take those photos that I keep meaning to. Don’t worry, I’ll be posting them here as soon as I take them 😉

This house is a MESS. I have just felt so shitty recently that so much stuff has gone undone. I managed to feebly push the vacuum cleaner round the other day, and I finally put the VCR back in the entertainment center last night- but I have an ever-increasing pile of dishes to do and a few loads of laundry to wash. Maybe if I make myself a nice mug of tea I’ll feel better…


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