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113799865071849801 January 23, 2006

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And so, the weekend has finally ended. Not that I did a heck of a lot- I went to Walmart to buy laundry detergent, dishsoap and new bed sheets. Oh and the grocery store to buy more grub for Miss Abby. I’m telling you, she eats like a pig and you’d think that she doesn’t put on any weight. It’s ridiculous. I can feel the eyes of all the other parents in the waiting room at the doctor’s burning into the back of my skull- all because she’s a tall, skinny kid. Well, excuse me that my daughter isn’t the jolly tubby, roly-poly baby. At least my baby is cuter than yours. Ner ner ner ner ner! :p

And yes, I buy my bed sheets from WALMART. And no, before anyone says it, I am not white trash. When your husband sweats as much as mine does, then come and tell me you don’t need cheap bed sheets. Besides, having a baby means that you can’t buy bed sheets from Crate&Barrel or wherever it is that you fancy folk buy your housewares from. Bugger the lot of you.

I’ve discovered that Abby is a mini Carrie Underwood fan. It’s hilarious. When she hears her singing, she squeals and then gets up and starts dancing (well bouncing around) to her. We were watching the NFC Championship Game between the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks and Carrie comes on TV singing the National Anthem. She squeals and starts dancing- TO THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. I think the insanity torch has been passed 😀

I need some more tea. And I’m cold, but I can’t go to bed yet as I have to wait for the new sheets to come out of the dryer. I am one of those kind of people who buys new sheets and washes them before using them. I just don’t like all the starch in new sheets, and you never know what kind of germs are on new sheets fresh from the shop…oh Lordy stop me now. I’m turning into my mother. Eek.


2 Responses to “113799865071849801”

  1. Rhine Says:

    Your Abby know what’s the best! 😀 Like mother like daughter!

  2. Taryn Says:

    Cool blog Nickie. Funny story about WALMART. Wish I could have seen Carrie singing 😦

    Cant wait for the next installment!

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