Country to the City

I\’m just a country gal in a big city :)

113591451977605453 December 29, 2005

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This evening I am feeling pretty tired. I got barely any sleep last night because Abby kept waking up and going back to sleep all night. And when that happens, you wake up the next morning just feeling like a walking zombie…gah!

I have become obsessed with cleaning products. I love Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. When Abby spits up on her playcenter or smears food around the highchair tray, I just wipe it off with these. I was using baby wipes before, but it was getting expensive and these are just so much cheaper…lol. I also love Ajax for cleaning the oven top and the bathtub. The smell reminds me of my Nana’s. I know she always uses it for cleaning…haha 😀


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