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113584141671634791 December 28, 2005

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Felt like killing Nick tonight. He ranted at me about not cleaning the house enough, and then stormed off to the bar. I am not his freakin’ mother. Just because she’s the clean freak, doesn’t mean that I have to be. Okay, so the apartment was looking a little dirty after Christmas with all the cardboard boxes from Abby’s toys lying around, and the carpet needed vacuuming, but please. I did not marry you to be your freakin maid. Anyway, rant over…

We had a pretty good Christmas. As I just said, Abby got a mountain of gifts, mainly clothes and toys. Auntie Jess and Grandma bought her the majority of the clothes, and we bought the majority of the toys. The best gift she got though is a book. Not just any old book, mind you- it was the full collection of Beatrix Potter. My jaw dropped when I opened it. I had been wanting to buy this for a few months now for Abby- and now she has it. So tonight when she woke up at midnight for her usual bottle, i read her Squirrel Nutkin and then put her to bed. She sat for the whole time on my lap and paid attention. It’s the first time I’ve seen her sit on my lap for that long, lol.

I got some sweaters, and some socks. Boring but functional. In WI, the winters are cold and long. You need all the good sweaters and thick socks you can get, lol 😀