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113454100261551179 December 13, 2005

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I need to blog more. It has been forever. I have a meme to complete. I love memes. They make me happy. Okay, enough of the rambling 😀

Seven things I hope to do before I die:

1) Visit some hotel in the world where it’s only for adults, and there’s no screaming kids.
2) Buy another cat- yes I am aware that Nick won’t let me.
3) Have a little brother or sister for Abby.
4) Buy a big outdoor swimming pool and have a house with a playroom for Abby.
5) Have enough money to buy things that I want to buy- not diapers and other mundane stuff.
6) Buy a house for my parents and another for my brother.
7) Own my own cafe/bar type place.

Seven things I cannot do:
1) Tolerate people who are mean to children and animals.
2) Go on huge upside-down rollercoasters. They make me sick.
3) Not buying things for my daughter….it’s addictive!
4) Be mean to people…I guess I’m just too good-natured!
5) Give up anything to do with CSI.
6) Give up any kind of book.
7) Ice scate or rollerblade. I have no balance when it comes to those things.

Seven things that attracted me to my spouse:
1) His sense of humour.
2) His big brain and intelligence.
3) his understanding of me.
4) His cute green eyes.
5) His love of my cats.
6) His American accent.
7) The fact that he took me for who I am.

Seven things I say often:
1) Wheeee!!!
2) I love you.
3) Ow! That hurt!
4) Nick, where is the….
6) PEANUT!!!
7) MERCIA!!!

Seven books/series I love:
1) Anything by C.S Lewis
2) The Harry Potter series
3) Anything by J.R.R Tolkien
4) The Beatrix Potter kids books
5) Anything by Roald Dahl
6) Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
7) Bridget Jones 1&2 by Helen Fielding

Seven movies I could watch over and over again:
1) The Breakfast Club
2) 10 Things I Hate About You
3) The Craft
4) Alice In Wonderland
5) Robin Hood (the Disney version)
6) Bridget Jones’ Diary (either one)
7) Wizard of Oz


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