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113168416312295362 October 31, 2005

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Happy Halloween! Wow, there must be a full moon out recently. My life has been so stressful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Abby recently came down with the stomach flu, and wasn’t keeping anything down that we were feeding her. So I called the doctor and she told me to try her on Pedialyte and see how she does with that. Abby still kept throwing things up, so we called back and we had to take her to the Children’s Hospital and have her checked out. We spent about half an hour waiting for triage, and then another half an hour wait for another doctor to see her. It was stressful and agonising ๐Ÿ˜ฆ They hooked her up to an IV drip and she recieved 240ml of fluid because she was partially dehydrated. I knew that there was something wrong with her when the doctor noticed that her weight had dropped. And then she got miserable and fussy all the time, I never saw any smiles and that tipped me off as Abby is such a smiley, happy baby. So today I’ve been instructed to not feed her anything and just keep giving her Pedialyte in a sippy cup. Tomorrow I have to take her to the doctor’s for a check up.

People keep on giving me funny looks and comments when they see me out with her. One I got was “How old is she? Four months?” I was like, “no, she’s six months”. And then I get, “oh, she’s so skinny.” Argh. She is not skinny, she’s very tall for her age. She’s like a piece of elastic, she just keeps getting taller. There’s no chubbyness on her though. She’s 7 months old tomorrow and she’s already in 9 month clothes for the height. They just hang off her though in the middle because she’s got no waist. My parents keep joking that she needs a pair of braces! Haha…:p Talking about parents, they bought Abby a new highchair for Christmas. It’s a Fisher Price one, really nice. It matches the Aquarium bouncer that she has ๐Ÿ˜€ I am going mental buying Christmas presents for her. She already has a small mountain of gifts, including an electronic toy ball that teaches numbers, abc’s, colours and animals. Abby is also sitting up now. She’s so strong, crawling and sitting up. She’s already grabbing stuff above her head and trying to haul herself up onto her feet. I can’t use the playmat anymore for her, she’s too active. I put her in the playpen with some toys while I clean the house. She loves that because she’s got her toys and she’ll take a nap sometimes, it’s so cute ๐Ÿ˜€

I have to remember to update more frequently. I need to sleep now. It’s almost 1am. *yawn*