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113168422143244669 August 20, 2005

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I’ve been looking at cat trees recently. I was going to buy one for Mercia and almost did, but now I’ve seen lots of websites about how to build your own for under $50. It is tempting, as most cat trees/condos go for around $100- and I don’t not have that kind of money! I also want another cat, I’ve bought it up to Nick and he seems keen too. But I really think that we should wait until Abby is older. Then I guess it could be her kitty- her first pet. Better than a goldfish (which is what I got)

Abby is less cranky now. I was talking to an older mom friend of mine who’s kids are having their own babies soon and she was giving me some feeding advice. She told me to give Abby cereal before she goes to bed as it stays in their tummies longer and they sleep better. So I am trying it tonight. So far, so good. She was falling asleep as I was reading ‘Daddy Hugs 1,2,3’ to her. It’s a really cute book. I think Aunty Jess is going to get ‘Goodnight Moon’ for her sometime soon. I want to get Abby ‘The Very Hungry Caterpiller’- as it’s was a favourite book of mine when I was kid. I just wish that I still had my ‘Little Story Teller’ books and cassette tapes from when I was a kid. I think I’ll have a look to see if anyone has any on eBay. I wish my parents had never given them away now 😦

I was looking through Abby’s toys earlier and she really doesn’t have a whole lot. She has a playmat/gym combination, a soft dollie, a few rattles and a set of Baby Einstein blocks. Oh and the mirror toy too. I guess she really can’t use much else at the moment. Bah! 😦


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