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113168329175794900 July 1, 2005

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I am so slack at updating 😦

Last night, me and Nick went out while Nick’s dad and stepmom took Abby for the weekend πŸ™‚ We went to The News Room, The Safe again and Landmark Lanes πŸ˜€ We always finish up going there last, because we get free drinks! I got kinda tipsy, because I needed Nick to prop myself up against while we were waiting for the bus home. And then I came home and fell into bed, which was nice. I slept for about 10 hours and it was nice to wake up and not think that I had to get up and see to Abby. I mean, I love her to pieces but it just becomes a dull, monotonous chore after a while 😦

And then today, me and Nick have done housework. Laundry, and washing the massive piles of dishes that were lying around the kitchen. Boring stuff.

And I’m being forced with my hands tied behind my back to take my flag down on Monday. Sunday, we’re going to be a flag kit and put it so we can have the Stars and Stripes flying on Monday. But as soon as that is over, the flag is coming down and up goes mine on the pole instead! Hahaha πŸ˜€


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