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113168333386424109 June 26, 2005

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Me, Nick, Jess and Nick’s Grandpa went to the ball game today. We all got there at about 12pm, and we tailgated for a bit. Grandpa had bought hot ham and rolls, Pringles, soda, beer and apple turnovers. It was yummy. I love sparts games for this reason in the this state. EVERYONE tailgates. It’s so much fun to watch everyone sitting out with their grills and fold-away picnic seats, drinking beer and grilling brats. At about 12.45pm we went into the stadium to find our seats.

We (the Milwaukee Brewers) were playing the Minnesota Twins (booo!)It was fun, there was even the Sausage Race (which is four people dressed up in sausage costumes and they run down a track to see who wins. It’s hilarious! There’s a hotdog, a Polish Sausage, a Bratwurst and an Italian Sausage. The game was good, apart from the fact that we were sucking BADLY…until the 9th inning and then we got a home run (they called it a Moon Shot because the lady in the moon from the Miller High Life bottle came up on the screen, haha) and a few runs too. We could have drawn with them, only we managed to go back to sucking and our last three batters got struck out in a row. Damn. They won the game, but we won the series because we won the first two games! Woooo! :p

Nick also bought me a new baseball cap (it’s the old style one that’s bright yellow and royal blue-instead of navy and gold). Beer wasn’t that expensive either- about $3.50. That’s more than what the consessions guys were asking for the plastic bottled beer, that was $4.50. A dollar for a plastic bottle? It’s the same stuff inside, get the stuff in the plastic cup instead 😉

When we got back to the van, Jess noticed that the sun had caught me a bit. I thought that it had only caught my shoulders, but I just looked in the bathroom mirror and it caught my front and my back too! Yikes! Best find some after-sun quick, methinks 😉


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