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113168337842683727 June 25, 2005

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So, so hot here 😦

I hate it when it’s this hot. The weather makes me grumpy as all heck 😦

I have to do laundry more often, because of all the sweaty bedsheets and clothes. It’s making Abby grumpy too, because sometimes after she’s been fed and changed and we try everything, she still cries.

And Mercia is pretending to be dead. She stretches herself out across the lino of the kitchen floor. I have to be careful that I don’t fall over her! I open the fridge when I get a drink out and she comes and stands in front of it with me. I think she likes that. I feel sorry for her with her furry coat. It has to be like wearing a fur coat! Bleaugh!

I’ve decided I only like the heat if there’s a cold fan blowing on me (like now!) or a cold pool to jump into. I wish I had a pool. Even a paddling pool would be good. I could sit outside in it (haha!)

I went out yesterday in the heat and bought Bo’s and Carrie’s new singles. I ran from place to place to get back into the AC. I love malls in this weather! 😀


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