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108628905748625674 June 3, 2004

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Hmmm, today has been a bizarre day so far 🙂

I’m at the Apple Store at Mayfair Mall at the moment. I come here because unlike the local library, I can spend as much time as I like on the internet 😀 I’ve just been speaking to Kurt, and we’re going to be doing some kind of promom thing for Tim Carpenter this evening and I have to be at Project Q for 4:45pm. At the moment, it’s alomost 2pm, so I have to think about going soon 😦 Boo!

I’ve been to Hot Topic this afternoon for my fill of Emily Strange stuff, I bought a star patch and some badges. And I also bought a keyring from a stall in the mall that’s a WI state licence plate, and I’ve had my name engraved on it! Hehe, I know, I’m a div!

Mercia is better with me now. She has her moments where she yowls at me and runs off, but then she also has her lovey-dovey moments with me, where she talks to me and last night, she also let me pick her up! Yay! I think she’s letting me get near to her again.

It also turns out that Nick wants Rm 11, because it’s dark in there and he works nights, and so it looks like I’m going to get Rm 8 back!!!! Woo hoo!!!

I wish I wasn’t out of credit, I really want to talk to Rob… 😦


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