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108579571387172555 May 28, 2004

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“Girlie Gossip with Emma, Marco & Stuart
Bunk Bed Whispers
Day 1, 23:45
Friday 28 May

While most of the housemates were in the living room, drinking and smoking, Marco, Emma and Stuart were whispering on the bunk beds.

“Do you know, I think Nadia is a transsexual,” Marco confided to Emma, smart as a whip. “I don’t know. She might have had the snip.”

Emma was agog but didn’t want to feel like she was bad mouthing Nadia, who she said she liked.

She was more concerned that there were only 10 beds for 12 people. “I hope there’s no bonking,” she said.

Emma, Marco and Stuart chatted on the bed before Emma joined Kitten in the hot tub, followed by Marco and Michelle. All of them kept their bath robes on.

Big Brother had to ask the housemates to respect the furniture after they splashed about the hot tub like toddlers in a bath. Kitten gave a defiant finger to the cameras, but did calm down a bit.

More water sports followed with Emma running a bubble bath. Anyone would think she’d never seen taps before, she was so excited.

Kitten continued to flick the Vs at the camera, already resenting their presence as she sat alone in the hot tub. She’ll have a tough time trying to avoid all 36 of them.

Meanwhile Jason had covered his modesty with a pair of shorts as Dan speculated about what was inside them. “It all looks real to me,” he said.

Ahmed joined Kitten by the hot tub where she talked about racism and homophobia. Kitten befriended him with her passionate anti-racism, but Ahmed kept his opinions to himself displaying an interested smile as she told him about her girlfriend and her dramatic entry into the house.”


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