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108418766950949900 May 7, 2004

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Hehe…I’ve just been watching an episode of Will and Grace on Channel 4 this morning. Even though I went to bed at about 3am this morning, I decided to drag my ass out of bed early so that I could get some decent computer work done. And when I sat down with my bowl of cereal this morning, I flicked on the telly.
And Will and Grace was on. And it was an episode I had never seen. Double bonus! Basically, it was about a car that Will had sold to a nun across town for $500 and they find out that it was Grace’s Uncle Jerry’s car that he owned just before he died. Then the nun says that they can’t have it back because she needs it to deliver cheesecakes.
The other part of the story was about Jack trying to find his real dad, turns out that he’s part black (lol!) and Karen almost losing her housekeeper Rosario to a short ugly guy who challenges her to a game of pool (don’t ask…) ๐Ÿ™‚

And now onto Thursday’s Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Sexy:: Girls
  2. Clique:: Internet
  3. Pledge:: Drive
  4. Carbs:: Atkins
  5. Dream Job:: Billionairess
  6. Sweeps:: Fall
  7. Soundtrack:: Music
  8. Hero:: Chad Kroeger
  9. Shave:: Dad
  10. Christina:: Aguilera

And I have a new Mercia photo too. Taken by Dave out on the balcony at Lytheria, Mercia’s being content for once!!! ๐Ÿ™‚