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107273171926174299 December 29, 2003

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Have just been looking for flights for my parents. They are going away in June next year with my brother and evil Gemma. Fine. Don’t invite me. Hopefully by then, I will have gone away myself, and if I’ve got any sense at all, I won’t come back next time. Fingers crossed.

I was talking to Rachel earlier, and she wants me to come out for her graduation, and believe me, I would like to, as I missed Zach’s, and I got really annoyed with myself for doing it. So I’ve been looking at the general prices of flights, and they don’t look to be very cheap around the time I want to go, so I think I’m just going to go about April time, book my ticket and pack up my stuff. Oh and work my ass off in the process for the cash. And hopefully be able to take a bit more out with me this time. I mean half of my stuff is already there. And my little Princess….bless her little fluff bum. (I know, I’m strange).

Stuff Steve, Stuff Gemma and my parents and Stuff the Bills!

Hehehehehe 🙂


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